WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction, and Highlights from February 5

On the heels of a historical Royal Rumble victory, Edge went back to SmackDown Friday night, the status of his WrestleMania champion match unknown. Would The Rated R Superstar officially reveal that he plans to challenge Roman Reigns at The Showcase of the Immortals or was his highly-anticipated statement again be interrupted by among the blue brand names top stars? And what about the ladies’ Rumble winner, Bianca Belair?

The EST appeared, too, with champion goals on her mind. Did she expose which title she intends to challenge for come April 11 and 12 in Tampa? Edge returns to SmackDown. Bianca Belair appears. Flanked by Jey Uso and advocate Paul Heyman, universal champion and Head of the Table Roman Reigns made his method to the ring to begin the night’s program.

He lost little time putting the past behind him, admitting he does not like wrapping up. Rather, he’s aiming to the future and the future is Edge. Reigns called himself the primary occasion and questioned why Edge wasted time on Raw and NXT, and rather stating he needs to be groveling at The Tribals Chief’s feet and pleading for a location on the Island of Relevancy.

Edge needs to believe Reigns is a fool. Does Reigns look like a fool? Does he look like a guy who desires to play games? He bought Edge out but the 2021 Royal Rumble winner did not appear and told Edge he had till completion of the night to offer him his choice by the end of the night.

Reigns is the very best feature of the WWE item today and making a serious run at best character in the entire market. The Tribal Chief is so good, an egotistical franchise player who has no tolerance for those who do not acknowledge his greatness and significance to the WWE item. His reaction when Edge rejected his demand for a look, his voice cracking as he asked why the Hall of Famer would play games with him, such a fantastic touch whether it was deliberate or not.

The Tribal Chief staring intently into the cam, with an intensity that suggested extremely bad things for The Rated R Superstar if he does not comply, as he informed Edge what he was going to do was terrific. Whether he provides on his not-so-subtle danger keeps fans invested through the program. A terrific start to start the night’s broadcast and a tease for the sector later in the night.

King Corbin attacked Dominik and Rey Mysterio prior to the first arranged match of the night, leaving the future Hall of Famer to nurse his injuries while taking the battle to his son. Corbin wore Dominik down, grounding him and working over the rookie. A pre-commercial tope and twisting neckbreaker after the timeout enabled the second-generation star to battle back.

Corbin cut him off with a Deep Six, however, once again grounding the youngster while Rey yelled words of motivation from the ringside location. At ringside, Dominik sent his challenger into the announce table. From there, Rey clinched the King of the Ring’s ankle, allowing Dominik to neutralize him and put him away with a top-rope frog splash.

The grade might suggest averageness nut this was precisely what it needed to be. It was simple, did not expose Dominik’s lack of experience, and provided him and his father a measure of revenge against their primary tormentor of late. Corbin does not get almost sufficient credit for being as good as he is.

Three years, he wouldn’t have actually been able to have this quality of match versus somebody with as little televised ring time as Dominik. Not only did he have a great match, but he was also the experienced leader who made sure everything hit its mark and the story was informed as planned. He is a sleek expert with underrated timing and among the coolest signature move sets of any huge male.

A concealed gem, regardless of the contempt some have for him. Looking to turn his fortunes around, Daniel Bryan fought Cesaro in a rematch from a couple of weeks back. Aggressive and disappointed, Bryan mauled The Swiss Cyborg, even opening up a wound on Cesaro’s head.

Bryan established for the running knee however Cesaro caught him and dropped him throughout his knee with a backbreaker. He followed with the Cesaro Swing and used the Sharpshooter for an unexpected submission victory. A sprint of a match, this was a compelling, uber-physical encounter that drew blood, left both males clutching at hurt body parts, and offered Cesaro another statement win.

The commentary team actually put over The Swiss Cyborg and his current run, properly specifying it is exactly what you desire with WrestleMania on the horizon. It is a hint at a possible push for the underutilized star, coincidentally as he prepares to re-sign with the business. None of it would have been possible without the selflessness of Bryan, who continues to put others over as he admittedly nears the end of his in-ring profession.

A skilled pro and, based on his performances in those losses, still among the determining sticks for in-ring efficiency in the sport. Billie Kay signed up with Michael Cole and Corey Graves on commentary as Ruby Riott battled Bayley in songs competitors. The previous SmackDown women’s champ weathered an early storm, introducing Riott into the top rope and hurting her left shoulder.

Bayley worked over the joint up until Riott sent her face-first into the turnbuckle and followed with an arm drag from the top rope. Liv Morgan confronted the Aussie, producing a scuffle that distracted Riott enough for Bayley to drive her into the mat for the win. Bayley got a required win in a fine adequate match harmed only by its pacing.

Riott and Bayley tried to load a lot into their minimal time that it, combined with the Kay-Morgan stuff on the floor, felt a bit hurried. The result was a match that never ever quite surpassed “average” status, even as the work and effort was anything however lacking. 2021 Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair made her way to the ring to announce the champion she will challenge at WrestleMania 37.

She put over Raw ladies’ champion Asuka, calling her the “Empress of All Day, Every Day”. She put over the blue brand names Sasha Banks but was unexpectedly disrupted by Carmellas sommelier, Reginald. He laughed off the idea that she might beat Banks, then said she can not even beat Carmella.

This brought the Princess of Staten Island to the ring. After some trash talk, Banks made her presence felt, striking the ring and specifying she was putting Carmella in the rearview mirror. Banks raised the SmackDown title overhead.

In charge put over Belair, however stated she was not the finest. Reginald reiterated that Belair will not beat Banks, to which the Rumble winner whipped him with her ponytail, sending him to the flooring prior to standing high, still in a celebratory state of mind after her big win Sunday Belair is eyeing Banks title but Carmella is not going anywhere, at least not.

This not just teased WrestleManias blue brand championship, however it also kept Carmella a relevant part of the division. Anticipate the champagne lover to be the final difficulty for Belair to clear prior to the most essential match of her career. That showdown could happen on an episode of SmackDown, sure, but Fastlane on March 21 looks like the better suited setting.

That is, if WWE can keep the story fresh enough up until then. SmackDown tag team champs Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode battled Chad Gable and Otis in nontitle action while previous titleholders The Street Profits offered commentary from a concealed area. Ziggler tried to come to grips with Gable, however that proved bothersome as the 2012 Olympian took beat him.

The heels would acquire the upper-hand, working the smaller of their challengers over till a hot tag to Otis sparked a babyface return. The huge man penalized and mauled the champion up until Gable tagged himself back in. After Ziggler sent Otis into the ring post, Roode delivered a Glorious DDT on Gable for the win.

After the match, the commentary group threw to a video package recapping the iconic Main Event match for the WWE Championship between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant that happened 33 years ago today. After, Hogan briefly discussed the match prior to putting over Edges upcoming choice. This was a fun little sprint of a match, like most tonight, but it was little more than a showcase for the new champions and an excuse to provide a quality win.

All indications point to The Street Profits getting their rematch versus Ziggler and Roode in the near future. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins avoided to the fact that they have actually not gotten a rematch of any kind considering that, hinting that there might be barriers for them to get rid of prior to they get what need to have existed contractually. WWE invested all evening hyping Hogan talking bout his historic match with Andre, only to have him state a dozen approximately words prior to putting the concentrate on Edge and his decision.

Even if that story involves a returning legend in his own right. Huge E protected the Intercontinental Championship versus Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn in a huge Triple Threat Match in the nights advertised centerpiece match. Crews struck the first blow, wiping the opposition out with a big die heading into the break.

He doubled down, releasing himself with a missile dropkick that cleaned Zayn out coming out of the commercial. Big E resisted, though, tossing Crews with consecutive suplexes and flattening both challengers with a huge splash. Dispatching Crews to the arena flooring, Big E delivered a big uranage on Zayn for 2.

The champ continued to roll, releasing both opponents with his raw power in a double overhead suplex. Building momentum, he sought the spear through the ropes however Zayn caught him with a big knee. He followed with a Helluva Kick but Crews separated the pin-fall.

Crews eliminated Zayn and entered the ring but Big E caught him out of no place with the Big Ending for the hard-fought victory. This was a damn good, action-packed match that spotlight all three Superstars. Zayn continued to perfectly portray the cerebral, sometimes cowardly, heel while Crews threw everything he had at the opposition.

In the end, though, neither could overcome the momentum Big E has actually developed for himself. The match probably would have been even much better without the commercial break right in the middle of it, however this was still a strong showing with excellent in-ring chemistry and solid imagination that allowed Big E to showcase his pure strength. Crews gazing Big E down, a look of disgust and frustration painted all over his face, was a fantastic indicator of things to come.

Ideally, the ultra-talented rival can find success as a heel since he is too great to slide back into obscurity. On the precipice of success, Edge struck the ring to make his choice regarding which champion to challenge at WrestleMania. Before he could pick, Reigns disrupted, making his way to the ring squared circle with Uso and Heyman by his side.

If he’s sweating him currently since he brought backup, Edge right away asked the universal champion. So, SmackDown teased two WrestleMania announcements and provided… neither? Reigns was terrific, once again, and Edge did a terrific task as the master manipulator, playing to The Tribal Chiefs ego in an effort to get him to respond mentally.

Reigns bought Edge to acknowledge him as the main occasion of WrestleMania. It did not work and Reigns called his bluff. In the end, the game of psychological chess was for naught as Owens re-established his place in the primary occasion scene with a perfectly-timed stunner that ruined any opportunity we had of knowing what the WrestleMania main event will be.

Before Edge might react, Kevin Owens originated from out of nowhere and dropped Reigns with a stunner to liquidate the program. It was a great adequate segment, but one that most likely should have suggested more than a cliffhanger for next week’s show. Or Monday’s Raw.

Or next week’s NXT. Whenever Edge decides to make his statement. Reigns purchased Edge out however the 2021 Royal Rumble winner did not appear. Edge right away asked the universal champion if he’s sweating him currently considering that he brought backup.

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