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Hulk Hogan has no location in that future, and it’s time for business to proceed from him. Overall contrast to the 2021 Mens’ Royal Rumble winner Edge. Edge is not here for himself. You might see it on this show, and you could see it throughout his interactions with individuals.

You can see the joy in his face. This is not even similar to Goldberg, and yeah I’ve seen that and it’s a dumb comparison. The future of wrestling is intense. SmackDown typically does the ideal thing, and did with this program too, with one miss I’ll touch on in a minute.

This wrap-up is appropriately titled The Future because there are many males and females in WWE who are certainly the future of wrestling. Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Apollo Crews, Bianca Belair, Dominik Mysterio, Liv, Ruby, and Billie Kay are just some of those names. Hogan right prior to the Black History Month video package?

Hmm. I am not interested in speaking with old red and yellow talking about the Andre the Giant match or any of his viewpoints on what’s going on right now. If you think that he’s even interested in the contemporary period of fumbling, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Reigns began the show, discussing aiming to the future.

Dude got MAD. He demanded a response from Edge by the end of the night. This discount wasn’t even over yet and I wanted Edge to pick Roman. Instantly was offered on this match. I have not seen him as irate as he was considering that his feud with Jey Uso.

Angry Roman is… is something, isn’t he? Edge came out later on and put over all the WWE champions throughout the brand names. Reigns brought out an extremely weird Uso stalking Edge and Edge called him out for having back up.

Reigns told Uso to return to the bus and said he insulted his family, and he desires to be acknowledged. All of a sudden, Kevin Owens struck the Stunner on Reigns. Edge smirked and got out of the ring to close the show.

This was a fantastic surface. Accomplished numerous things. For beginners, I stated on my Royal Rumble wrap-up that the ending of Owens and Reigns must not be the last time they communicate. Seeing this Stunner most likely methods one more match?

I’ll take it. We require a placeholder till WrestleMania. Secondly, the suspense. And it’s already killing me. Edge and Drew would be fun, as would Edge and Balor. Edge and Reigns? After this show, sign me up. The method Jey Uso stalked Edge was frightening, by the way.

I just needed to discuss that. Jey’s totally registered in Fight Club with Roman Durden. All of us understand the first rule… He demanded Edge come out to make his decision since Edge need to be asking to face him, but Heyman had to notify him that Edge was not here.

Who’s the bEST? Individuals are exploding Belair’s phone due to the fact that of her Royal Rumble win. Cesaro threw Bryan up for an uppercut however Bryan took him down and attempted for the Yes Lock. I did not expect Cesaro to make Bryan tap, but as Bryan’s said in the past, he wants to put men over.

Cesaro going back to show respect to Bryan was interesting! The emotion and presence did not match from last Sunday, however thats actually because WWE has no clue how to book babyfaces. She didn’t even need to offer it since that was genuine.

We require more of that. Y’all I have no idea what occurred in this match due to the fact that I was completely distracted by the brand-new box that popped up with the Street Profits doing Coles and Graves jobs. All I know is Roode and Ziggler have brand-new music, and Roode and Ziggler won.

Zayn attempted for a Blue Thunder Bomb however couldn’t get E up. He came back in and got a near fall on Zayn. I’m thrilled to see what comes of that! Enter Reginald. He offered guidance, stating selecting Asuka would be way better due to the fact that shell never ever beat Banks.

Carmella came out and said she beat Banks twice and Belair wouldn’t have the ability to beat her. Big E beat Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn. Dominik Mysterio beat King Corbin. Big E knew he signed up for battles by being champion.

He truly is such a terrific talker. Banks made her grand entrance and put Belair over hard. She’s been taking notice of the EST and her record breaking win, but she’s not the bEST. Reginald tried to butt in once again and Belair whipped him with her ponytail.

She put over the Empress of Tomorrow and The Boss Sasha Banks Mandalorian appearances, and stated both would be incredible challengers. Dominik was the very underdog for most of this match, however I actually like what they did here. Both Corey and Corbin were offering Dom needing to split from his daddy in order to end up being something, while Cole was offering Dom’s babyface qualities connected with his daddy.

Bayley defeated Ruby Riott. Cesaro beat Daniel Bryan. Dirty Dawgz defeated Otis and Chad Gable. I actually hope they never ever make this Billie Kay things bad. Some actually awesome areas in the match, like when Bayley launched Riott into the leading turnbuckle head first and I almost gout Carmella from the Royal Rumble vibes.

She likewise offered her arm like it was broken, and of course Kay tried to assist but it didn’t work. Edge and Drew would be enjoyable, as would Edge and Balor. What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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