WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Sept. 24, 2021): Extreme example

Ford disrespected The Bloodline, and Reigns chose to put the boots to him in action. What came of it was in fact one hell of a chance for Ford to display his abilities against the leading man in the entire company in a headline area, and he did rather well for himself. He seemed like he belonged just great, an excellent indication for the future.

While Brock Lesnar is waiting in the wings for Reigns, no matter what occurs with Finn Balor at Extreme Rules, they can likewise work an entire bit around Montez Ford being at today’s program without Angelo Dawkins and turning that into one hell of a centerpiece match. Today’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown originated from Philadelphia. Of course, that was all just to get to Reigns winning and Paul Heyman asking for him to send out an EXTREME message and Ford going through a table on the exterior.

They did not do much to create anymore doubt for the match at Extreme Rules but that would be playing a losing game anyhow. All told, this was a quite damn excellent way to handle things. Becky Lynch is in a consistent state of playing like she has had no option however to do the craven things she has been doing, and actually it is everybody else who is incorrect.

It is not that such a technique is inefficient, due to the fact that it definitely can be with the ideal character.

Naomi was getting increasingly pissed off at being strung along, to the point she solved up in Deville’s face and all however threatened to pop off best then and there, she was fined for this. It was actually only intriguing once Becky carried off and smacked her in the face after Belair provided her hand to her. That ignited an aggressive however brief brawl that made clear the focus the whole time should have been about Belair wishing to display that.

This was the very best aspect of this show by a mile. A while back, Naomi showed up on Friday Night SmackDown to state she was here and ready to get in the ring to show and battle what she can do. She was greeted by an oddly distant Sonya Deville, who played dumb while brushing her off.

Finally, she simply came out to the ring this week, getting on a microphone and leading a crowd in a chant of “make the match” in referral to, well, literally any match. This exceptionally certified, naturally gifted female simply wishes to wrestle, damn it. Belair was prepared for Banks and for that reason could not deal with an obstacle from Lynch.

Anyway, after all that, this segment degenerated into catchphrases and basic promotion of the approaching match that was your standard fare, nothing unique.

She demanded Naomi’s mic be cut, required security to escort her out, and then definitely laid into her while they were doing so. This was a strong show. Seth Rollins expects Edge to drag his ass to the ring to address his call on next week’s program and if he does not there will be repercussions.

He made certain to make a key point in demanding this, though. He stated Edge needs to explain to the world that Rollins is not, in truth, Edge-lite, and he is the reason Edge will be gone moving forward. Whereas recently his angle was about purging himself of the weakness he perceived through feeling sorry for his opponent, this week was about ego.

It is not just that he won, it is that he needs to hear Edge state it and he is ready to pursue Edge in front of his other half and kids to achieve this. This is great due to the fact that of what it indicates for the Rollins character and its development however also does well to set up how Edge will react to this after what occurred in their match. Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Apollo Crews to retain the Intercontinental champion in a match that was not extremely fascinating.

It felt like more of a showcase for Rick BOOGS, who played the guitar to help a Nakamura comeback before tossing Commander Azeez to ensure he could not interfere in the match.

Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley deserved the next match anyhow, and there is a lot of potential in those two. Dominik Mysterio lastly stood up to his papa just a bit on this show, flat out informing Rey he would have beaten Sami Zayn twice if it were not for his daddy hanging out ringside. Rey dismissed this totally, giving him space.

They are doing a good job of pacing with this story, not rushing into anything and letting it develop naturally. Zelina Vega defeated Liv Morgan thanks to Carmella offering a beneficial diversion. Carmella is far too anxious about getting struck in the face and Morgan is possibly a bit too overzealous to provide on that.

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