WWE Raw recap & reactions (Sep. 13, 2021): Raw Goes B-I-G

Seems like we are getting Maverick x Reggie in some kind. Not sure if it will be a main match or just the regular organized turmoil, however this is a nice wrinkle. THAT is how you narrate from start to end up. Randy’s and Bobby’s chapter is over and the next awaits.

Bobby’s greediness returns to haunt him. Huge E selecting his moment and anticipating said moment is perfect. Raw opened with Big E standing in the middle of the ring with Randy Orton and the All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

E’s existence offered the section additional juice, as he played the role of Bugs Bunny while Lashley and Orton, 2 very severe felines, traded verbal shots. As prep for their tag team champion match, Super Brutality got private matches with the existing champs. Tamina and Nikki put on a fine affair, with the latter getting the W and a severe beatdown at the hands of the champs.

E endured a spear, fisticuffs, and whatever else Lashley threw at him.

However the challenger pertained to play tonight and after calling his shot like Babe Ruth, he understood he needed to win. Drew and The Viking Raiders made proper work of Jinder and his kids. A couple relocations and a Claymore to Shanky got them the win.

A clash in designs produces good matches and, ideally, great stories. WWE can and should securely concentrate on the story they want to inform for their Raw Women’s Championship match. These two could do something pretty good at Extreme Rules if they do.

If he was really about that action, Drew would reveal Jinder Mahal, Shanky, and Veer what it implies to get crossed when you cross him. Say what you will about Mr. Yamaguchi-San, but at least he did not carry a sword around as a style device. That is the genius of MVP’s character.

Randy took his eye off the prize to RKO Montel, which offered the champ sufficient time to recuperate.

As quickly as Randy returned into the ring, Lashley speared him and the ref counted three. Drake Maverick is making moves to get the title off of Reggie. As prep for their tag group championship match, Super Brutality got individual matches with the current champs.

More 24-7 chicanery highlighting Reggie’s penchant for parkour while giving this title a real story. Or at the least, intrigue. Drake Maverick is making transfer to get the title off of Reggie. Just like Blofeld in From Russia With Love, he says the plan is solid, however the individuals performing said plan are the problem.

Charlotte, never ever one to let someone being good stop her from being her, rejected the gift and a fight ensued because it is wrestling. Alexa revealed Charlotte she is a serious danger, doll or no doll, and sent out the Queen house with her title tucked in between her legs. We are now getting closer to Shayna and Nia liquifying their partnership at Extreme Rules while Charlotte is free to focus on Alexa Bliss, who so occurred to make her method to the ring with a present in hand.

Sheamus was on commentary and attacked Priest and Hardy when the match ended.

Even after catching Priest off guard, Sheamus still can not find the best mix to get the New Yorker off his feet. Randy and Bobby fought hard. Randy tried, frequently fruitless, to match Lashley’s power. Yeah, no bueno, sir.

The more he utilized his speed and wits, the much better. He even handled to put an RKO on the champ. And if not for MVP’s common clutch behavior, perhaps he wins the match. We got a new WWE Champion that provided Charlotte with a doll of her own, Charly, and stated that even a “conceited, egotistical bitch” like Flair needs a friend.

She said all of that with her chest, which is why it got quotations. Off, Jimmy Smith is a liar. Straight up and down, he rested on nationwide television. That fashion sense did not help him, as Damian Priest put him down with a Reckoning.

Last week, Big E involved in a 24-7 title scrum.

Nia came to ringside, stood on the apron when her partner had the champ on the ropes, and distracted her long enough for Charlotte to get the pin. Alexa is the finest use of her skills right now since she is in tension with the trick given that Bray Wyatt got his strolling papers, but she is doing the best with what she has. Rhea got the win and the oppositions showed when push pertains to push as it often does in pro wrestling, they can deal with the champs.

After one Big Ending and a three-count, E was crowned the winner and NEW WWE CHAMPION. The champ celebrated with his New Day brothers and the rest of Kofi Kingston’s hometown, and the show faded to black. When Randy and Robert All Mighty wrestled in tonight’s primary event, they did so knowing the artist formerly known as Langston waited in the wings to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract.

On a night where WWE gave us stakes up and down the card, they saved one of the most stress for the last match. Doudrop x Eva Marie did a thing. Doudrop reclaiming her time, mercifully ended the match and ideally, the fight.

He is a legitimate hazard to Orton and Lashley, and a much required fly in the ointment that is the WWE Championship image.

On a brand name filled with thinly-drawn characters, the New Day member is a hell of a contrast. On one hand, Karrion Kross states he is not sure what his ultimate reasoning is for carving a course of destruction through Raw. But then he says his plan is to go through everybody until they all have no option but to fall and pray.

It looked cool and looks like an actual instructions for him, even if it sounds a bit muddled. Presenting him in a match with the solidified carbon dioxide machine on looks a lot much better than his very first impression. Because they exist, even much better if he is a psychopath in a match who simply wants to beat individuals up.

When she pokes holes in Charlotte’s persona, as she performed in this section, it is enjoyable and shows why Alexa, like Big E, brings a various energy to the title photo. Rhea Ripley and Natalya, in comparison, put on a longer bout and traded momentum like Pokémon cards. The dreaded numbers game almost got the better of Ripley when Tamina threatened to interfere, which brought out a hobbling Nikki to the rescue.

With that stated, Shayna Baszler and Charlotte Flair had an excellent match.

We saw the ending originating from a mile away, Nia Jax doing to her partner what was done to her last week, but the 2 women told a good story of uniformly matched rivals. It was physical however not in the way Nia and Charlotte was recently and definitely not their Tyson vs. Holyfield brawl from two weeks ago. Raw is going to feel different next week.

The New Day x Mustafa Ali & Mansoor linked to go four-on-four with AJ Styles, Omos and Extinction. The most remarkable spot was Omos throwing 3 males out of the ring like children prior to turning Mustafa into roadkill. Omos is the formula that changes any match he remains in, and nobody understands how to resolve him.

On their opening night going head-to-head with Monday Night Football, Raw performed. The general consistency and forward momentum is enough to paper over those flaws. Both females efficiently portrayed Shayna as a threat who, without disturbance, might provide a true difficulty to the Queen. However the ending was telegraphed and there was only one way it could end.

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