Time’s Up Slams Notion Of Brett Ratner Comeback

Millennium Media is apparently teaming up with Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment on a Milli Vanilli biopic, and is introducing sales ahead of the upcoming virtual EFM. The project would mark Ratner’s very first feature directing job since the 2014 Hercules. Today, Tina Tchen, the Time’s Up president and CEO, issued a declaration condemning the relocation.

“Time’s Up was born out of the national reckoning on work environment sexual harassment. Our movement is a product of countless brave acts by lots of survivors, including those who spoke up about what they sustained at the hands of Brett Ratner. Not only did Ratner never say sorry or acknowledge for the harm he caused, however he likewise submitted claims in an attempt to silence the voices of survivors who came forward – a method right out of the predators playbook,” Tchen said.

Ratner has actually since kept a low profile. The Time’s Up organization, established as a motion against sexual harassment, has actually responded to the statement that director Brett Ratner intends to go back to operate in Hollywood. In November 2017, seven women accused Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner of unwanted sexual advances and misbehavior, leading Warner Bros to cut off ties with Ratner.

“You do not get to go away for a couple years and then act and resurface like nothing occurred. And Millennium Media shouldn’t either,” Tchen added.

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