The Walking Dead Finale Recap: Season 10, Episode 22

The Walking Dead conserved the finest of its Season 10 reward episodes for last. Sunday’s psychological “Here’s Negan” concentrated on Negan and his relationship with the other half after whom he called his notorious “vampire bat”. And not just did the hour hint up a tour-de-force performance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it begged us to rethink whether “You Are So Beautiful” is cheesy, offered us a glance into Negan’s intro to a future Savior and returned to Alexandria a variation of the previous villain who is unafraid to cross paths (and perhaps even swords) with Maggie.

Shaken, Negan set off the following day to find Lucille at the area of his last stand. The bat had been left right where it had actually fallen when Rick slit his bane throat. The bikers, it seemed, had actually nabbed Negan on his way back to cancer-stricken spouse Lucille with the chemo treatment that he would acquired from a post-apocalyptic mobile clinic.

Flashing back another six weeks, we saw Negan and Lucille disputing turning off their generator. On that ominous note, we flashed back another seven months, to Lucille railing at Negan for blowing 600 bucks on “this Happy Days s***t” jacket when he could not get a brand-new job with a misdemeanor-assault charge hanging over his head. On the plus side, at least he had cooked a good supper.

Lucille had bigger fish to fry, anyhow.

She required him to drive her home from her MRI the following day. When at last Negan uncovered what he was looking for, we flashed back 12 years, at which point he was connected to a chair and being menaced by the leader of a biker gang. The following morning, Negan awakened to a scary sound: dripping.

The ice that was supposed to keep Lucille’s chemo chilled had actually melted. It was messed up. However he had an idea. He would pursue the mobile clinic that he would become aware of, possibly he could capture them.

Negan was meeting with his parole officer. Just she quickly deduced that was not who he was with, he was with her buddy, Janine. Some good friend. Some other half. That night, Lucille waited for him to come home with a gun by her side.

But instead of shooting Negan dead, Lucille dropped cancer handouts on the table.

Flashing forward once again, Negan could not believe that Lucille had actually understood about Janine and still stuck with him. Why was she informing him now? All she wanted was for him to stick with her. He could not do that, however.

From there, we flashed back a number of days, to Negan approaching the mobile clinic he d been tracking with weapon drawn. Before things could escalate, he was whacked with a bat by future Savior Laura. Just at the time, she was just a nice young female dealing with papa Franklin at the mobile center.

As quickly as he could, Franklin un-cuffed Negan, fed him and asked why he was attempting to rob a lot of medical professionals with an empty gun. Lucille had actually remained in the middle of her treatment, Negan described, when the world turned upside-down. Following the medical professionals instructions, he would managed to keep administering her chemo.

What took place then?

Negan wished to, in hopes that a curious walker would roam off. She wanted him to simply dispatch the thing currently so she could view a Bond motion picture. In the end, he relented however had a lot difficulty killing the zombie.

It did not die even after being stabbed in the eye. She wheeled out her IV drip and used their last bullet to shoot it. Back in the mobile-clinic timeline, Franklin and Laura supplied everything on Negan’s wish list, asking absolutely nothing in return.

Given that a biker gang prowled at night and he was out of bullets, Laura even provided him her baseball bat for defense. He still divulged their place to those really exact same bike riders, who quickly returned, tied up Franklin and did God understands what to poor Laura in the Recreational Vehicle. Negan did not even stop to help Laura.

Negan got back to Lucille too late to save her.

Beyond it, he found her with a plastic bag over her head and a collection of empty tablet bottles scattered around. She had, obviously, turned. What followed was a crushing series of scenes set to “You Are So Beautiful”.

Throughout them, Negan pulled off the plastic bag to take a look at his spouse’s tortured face and snapping jaws. A picture of a damaged male, he could not bring himself to put her down. Rather, he added barbed wire to his bat, set their home on fire with her in it and emerged from the flames the Negan we initially met at the end of Season 6.

Making a beeline for the cyclist bar, Negan shot, slammed and/or generally damaged the leader’s henchman. After providing Franklin the gun to go get Laura and scram, he sat down to have a little talk with the employer guy, who would formerly said that he yakked too much. Negan remembered that he would finally understood what it had actually implied to get so mad that you saw red.

Negan whacked a walker with Lucille which broke.

Off that turning point, Negan returned to Alexandria and told Carol his brand-new digs were not going to work out. With gas ending up being ever harder for Negan to discover, Lucille argued that they required to go, discover other people. They would, he assured her, as quickly as he offered her last three treatments and got her strength up.

And you have never ever seen a Negan as sweet and tender as he remained in the scenes throughout which he held his wife as she shook from the chemo, gently singing in her ear her favorite song and even playfully using her vibrant wigs. But on the subject of killing walkers, they disagreed. It is not even like killing an animal, Lucille stated as another one lumbered towards the generator.

Negan insisted it did not trouble him. He was simply stressed he was going to get used to it. So off they turned the generator once again prior to dining on a supper of dog food and faucet water. If Lucille had actually understood that the world was going to end, she said, she would not have actually been so mad that he had spent $600 on a leather coat, which she had hidden and now given to him as an anniversary gift.

Because who could say for sure?

Perhaps it was their anniversary. He said she should not ask his forgiveness, not after whatever he put her through. He could not believe that she had stuck to him. She said she stuck with him because she might always see the man he is right now, even when he was not.

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