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In an interview with DailyMailTV recently Hammer’s ex Paige Lorenze stated she believed some hazardous guys concealed behind the approval of the kink movement in order to abuse ladies. Armie Hammer grumbled about being kink shamed by the web after ladies came forward claiming he pressured them into indulging his perverse cannibal and rape dreams, texts reveal. The day after a confidential Instagram account posted screenshots of messages and stories from multiple females outing the Hollywood star, Hammer messaged a pal about his outrage, stating it was intrusive and s***y to get kink shamed by the internet.

“I think he certainly enjoyed it that I was more youthful. He constantly had me wear underwear and connected me up. I simply sort of accepted it and let it happen, I was just trying to please him,” Lorenze stated.

But he likewise boasted that since his trick was spilled he had received a great deal of offers from ladies who said I can eat pieces of them. The buddy, who shared the screenshots with DailyMail.com, stated Hammer had actually been sexting her for about six weeks before he was outed, and sent her audio recordings calling her his perfect little wh***e and purchasing her to offer me 5 big orgasms. The woman, who asked to remain confidential, said she began speaking with Hammer on Instagram in December, and within a day he opened up to her about his aggressive sexual fantasies and tried to encourage her to join in.

“He would state things like, ‘I wish to bite a piece of your skin off and eat it,’ he would bite me so hard. Sometimes it would basically break skin. I’m not trying to kink shame at all. I am holding him liable and I think he knows that he’s triggered a lot of ladies’ discomfort, even if he does not want to confess it right now,” Lorenze said.

Lorenze stated Hammer frequently tied her up, hit her with paddles and planned high protocol nights of unpleasant sexual moves, which often left her covered in swellings. She stated her fan – 12 years her senior – was sweet and kind but manipulative. An attorney for Hammer has unconditionally rejected the accusations versus him, calling them patently incorrect.

“I had one woman who we would role play that I had actually abducted her and was describing to her that I abducted her due to the fact that I understood she desired it. And then would explain how I was going to keep her and use her as long as I wanted. That’s called consensual non-consent,” Hammer composed in the texts.

Any interactions with this individual, or any partner of his, were totally consensual because they were completely discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory, Hammer’s lawyer said in a statement to DailyMail.com. The Call Me By Your Name star stated he enjoyed harmful fetishes including choking to the point of blackout. In the texts Hammer then pushed the lady to record herself masturbating.

“And I am extremely down. Pleasure, choking somebody simply to the point where they are about to pass out however timing with when they are going to c*** so they pertain to while they are c***ing and lose their s***. Also, fantastic sex in general,” Hammer composed.

Hammer likewise sent her an extremely specific audio recording of himself, which his exes say was very common when he was aroused. Lorenze, 22, who dated Hammer late last year, opened up in the interview about her deeply traumatic relationship with the movie star, describing how it left her mentally and physically scarred. The previous professional skier-turned-Instagram model supplied DailyMailTV with a special image of a sickening scar just millimeters away from her private parts that was left when Hammer presumably carved his very first initial A into her skin during a kinky sex game.

“It’s my preferred drug. Be my best little wh***e and provide me 5 huge orgasms. And don’t text once again till you’ve c***m 5 times. That’s my great girl. Inform me about it. Voice note or video,” Hammer composed.

She also revealed that Hammer apparently found out how to tie females up by practicing on mannequins he stored in the basement of the $5.8 million home he showed his separated partner Elizabeth Chambers and their 2 young children in Los Angeles. Lorenze declared that Hammer talked about wishing to strangle his canine, a Welsh Terrier named Archie. By the end of that day he was actually interested in sexting and he was sending out voice messages.

“Voice note me. I wanna hear about each orgasm. I want you to tell me how it seemed like, how strong each was, how long it lasted. Those are my own ‘don’t forget so you need to inform me’ whatever,” he said in the recording, in a rasping and sultry low voice.

Lorenze’s story about the basement mannequins was supported by images published online by another declared previous enthusiast, known on Instagram as Nastya D. Screenshots of messages purportedly sent to Nastya D by Hammer showed a mannequin wrapped in red rope with what he called a leash coming out of the back. On January 10 Hammers name began trending on Twitter when confidential Instagram account HouseOfEffie started sharing screenshots allegedly between Hammer and his exes, exposing ill dreams consisting of that he wanted to cut off his sweetheart’s toe and keep it in his pocket, to take out and barbecue their ribs, keep them as his sex servants, and to act out raping them.

“And there is power in numbers. This [situation] is terrible, it’s so unreasonable on his children and I believe everybody is so disgusted and stunned. I began messaging him early to mid December. It was from his main validated Instagram account,” Lorenze said.

Hammer texted the woman he had actually been sexting for the previous 6 weeks the next day, telling her the screenshots were intrusive and shi***ty. Armie Hammer has been rocked by disturbing claims of cannibalism and breaching BDSM practices with several females, which his lawyer has actually denied. Lorenze described their time together in Los Angeles as like a reality 50 Shades Of Grey without the love.

“I feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest. It’s extremely invasive and shi***ty to get kink shamed by the internet ha. I’m more than happy. Life is great. This is simply a hard moment. I am extremely delighted. And extremely zen,” Hammer stated.

Laying out more of his sick dreams, Hammer begged the Instagram model to have her ribs gotten rid of, so that he might barbecue them. “Knowing through every battle and being grateful for it all. I’ve gotten a lot of offers from girls who stated I can consume pieces of them haha,” Lorenze stated.

“It was from his main validated Instagram account. We had conversations over the few weeks which varied from sexual… to mundane. On the day that this account, HouseOfEffie, started to blow up, my good friend texted me saying Did you see how all of Twitter is discussing how Armie Hammer is a cannibal?” Lorenze continued.

“I sent him a voice message stating how are you feeling and he said he felt he was being kink shamed online. He started to ask me things that began to turn really sexual once again, and this is in the height of the scandals coming out. I blocked him after that and never spoke to him once again,” Lorenze added.

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