Spotify’s Only You audio birth chart experience is like mid-year Wrapped

Your Audio Birth Chart, a sort of astrologist for your musical tastes that tells you a Sun artist you have listened to most over the last 6 months, a Moon artist that best shows your “vulnerable or emotional side”, and a Rising artist that you have just recently discovered. Your Dream Dinner Party, a tool to make a tailored playlists from a choice of three artists you would most like to welcome to a dinner party. Your Artist Pairs, which calls out an uncommon audio pairing that you have listened to recently.

Your Song Year, which is supposed to wrap up how “you have musically taken a trip through different period”. Your Time of Day, which highlights the music and podcasts you listen either early in the morning or late in the evening. Your Genres/Topics, which discusses music and podcast genres that set you apart.

Spotify’s Only You experience creates a pseudo-astrology birth chart of your musical tastes. Spotify’s Only You presented Wednesday as the music streaming services newest tailored experience based on your listening data, similar to its year-end Wrapped recaps that call out the music that defined your year. Rather than highlighting what you listen to there, Only You is indicated to dive into how you listen with Spotify, with tricks like an astrological audio “birth chart”, a call-out to a special set of artists that you listened to back-to-back, customized playlists, and other features.

Piggybacking on the Only You rollout, Spotify is also introducing a new personalized-playlist function called Blend, which will develop a mix melding your musical tastes with that of a friend who also uses Spotify.

The Only You experience is available only on Spotify’s mobile apps for Android and iOS. Other components of this Only You project, like some brand-new tailored playlists and Blend, are readily available in what is called the Only You center, which must be available to see on Spotify’s web gamer and its desktop app. If you are having difficulty discovering your Only You experience, you need to ensure you are utilizing the most recent version of Spotify’s mobile app.

And it is possible you may not be eligible for the experience at all, if you have not been using Spotify much lately. You should have streamed 30 tracks throughout five different artists over the last 6 months. As culture at big has actually moved to streaming as the most common way people listen to music, personalization has actually been important for services.

The model of “all-you-can-eat” music opens listeners to a huge library of tens of countless songs, but it likewise establishes the problem of determining the sliver of that catalog you actually wish to hear, specifically tunes you have never heard prior to however are most likely to delight in. That problem provides a leg up to services that stand out in customization. Spotify’s personalization, like its popular Discover Weekly playlists and Wrapped experiences, have helped it to end up being the greatest streaming-music service by listeners worldwide.

In the spotlight Wednesday, Only You and Blend are Spotify’s newest customized curations.

Only You’s in-app experience can only be accessed on mobile via Spotify’s apps for Apple and Android mobile devices. An Only You hub, which collects all the components, is readily available on Spotify’s desktop gamer and on the web. It will trigger you to open Spotify’s mobile app for the in-app experience if you are not currently utilizing it.

Only You is offered for both free and paid Spotify consumers in 79 markets, and it ends June 30. In addition to Only You, the Blend feature merges the musical tastes of two Spotify users into one shared playlist. After you invite a friend to blend with, the Blend playlist for both of you is developed and upgraded daily, and it will change with time as either of your listening habits and tastes change.

Blend is readily available globally to all Spotify users, both totally free and paid.

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