Simu Liu opens up about his anger and unhappiness over Kim’s Convenience

Specifically, the Shang-Chi star laid out a numbered list of grievances, calling out, amongst others, the shows “overwhelmingly white” producers, who, in spite of their specified inability to discover anybody to run Kim’s, are moving forward with a spin-off series (Strays) focused on Nicole Power’s character Shannon, the only non-Asian person in the program’s primary cast. Liu also noted that Ins, who established the series from an original stage play, was the only Korean voice in the writers space, and that efforts from the mostly Asian cast to have their input taken on their characters’ stories or the show’s general direction were rebuffed or overlooked. They were a cast of Asian Canadians who had a plethora of lived experiences to draw from and provide to writers.

They were typically told of the next season’s plans mere days prior to them set to start shooting. There was deliberately not a lot of freedom offered to them. Liu can appreciate that the show is still a hit and is taken pleasure in by numerous individuals.

However Liu remains fixated on the missed opportunities to reveal Asian characters with genuine depth and the capability to develop and grow. Today marked the release of the fifth, and all of a sudden last, season of beloved Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience, which ended its run prematurely this year after the shows producers said they did not know how to move forward after the departure of creators Ins Choi and Kevin White. Among the lots of fans mourning its departure, the release of this final dosage of the show’s amusing and gentle treatment of Asian-Canadian life was welcomed with a pointed reaction from series star Simu Liu, who got on Facebook to let the world understand about the unhappy situations under which the program was first recorded, and then concluded.

Liu also admits to what sounds like relatively severe fighting amongst the cast itself, keeping in mind that they were too busy infighting to understand that they were intentionally being pitted against each other.

This, while likewise explaining that they were paid an outright “horsepoop rate” for their work on the hit sitcom. And while he likewise expressed his unhappiness at Choi, who departed the show “without even a goodbye note to the cast”, Liu appears to hold most of his ire for the producers, particularly in an accompanying Twitter post, in which he says the program’s stars tried to keep the series going for a sixth season drawn from their own voices, however were provided a “big slap in the face” instead. All in all, it is a quite profoundly unhappy ending for the series, although Liu bewared to note his love for the series’ fans, along with the professionalism and care of its daily team.

Liu could not request a better group of individuals or a much better operating environment, ending that he still thinks in what the show once meant. A shining example of what can happen when the gates boil down and minorities are provided a chance to shine.

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