Olivia Munn says friend’s Asian mother attacked in New York City

Actress Olivia Munn on Wednesday said a man attacked her buddy’s mother – an Asian woman – in New York City today. The X Men: Apocalypse star spoke up versus anti-Asian bias in a lengthy post on Instagram recently. The victim, 52, was outside a store in Queens on Tuesday when the suspect pushed her with such force that she hit her head on the concrete and “lost consciousness on the flooring”, according to the victim’s family and reports.

“Over the previous couple of days I’ve found myself at a loss for words at the rise of anti-Asian hate criminal activities. The racist, spoken, and physical attacks have actually left my community afraid to step outdoors. These hate criminal offenses have actually surged since Covid and continue to increase despite the fact that we request assistance,” Munn, 40, wrote on Twitter, along with an image of the suspect.

The victim’s child, Maggie Kayla Cheng, in a post on social media, stated her mother was hospitalized. Two different and unrelated attacks on Asian women likewise took place in New York City on Tuesday, according to NBC New York. Authorities stated the suspect was wanted in connection with the event, which followed a verbal dispute.

“She left the health center with 10 stitches in her head. We’re gonna find this person. Queens, Internet, please… do your sh***. Hate crime has no place in our community. How you go up against a 5 3 110-115 lbs woman?” Munn said.

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