NXT Takeover In Your House

Footage aired of Kyle O’Reilly arriving at the venue earlier in location previously. O’Reilly got into a brief pushing match with Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory while Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell stood by. Markazi signed up with Roberts and Borrasso and then discussed the Reed and MSK vs. Legado Del Fantasma six-man tag match for the NXT North American and NXT Tag Titles.

DiBiase emerged from the limousine and one of the security guards brought the Million Dollar Title belt inside a brief-case. Todd Pettengill was introduced as the host for the program. He played up that they had their biggest crowd to date in the Capitol Wrestling Center and welcomed audiences to the program.

Bronson Reed and “MSK” Wes Lee and Nash Carter vs. “Legado Del Fantasma” Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza for the NXT North American Championship and the NXT Tag Titles. Escobar tagged out when he wound up in the ring with Reed a couple minutes into the match. A short time later on, Carter began a series of dives that were followed by Wilde, Lee, Mendoza, and then a huge suicide dive by Reed.

A good opening match that was hurt by the absence of mystery regarding the result.

Everyone worked hard, however this felt like a tv match more than a huge Takeover face-off. Back inside the ring, Lee was isolated. Reed called for Escobar to get in the ring, however the referee stood in the way. Bronson Reed and “MSK” Wes Lee and Nash Carter defeated “Legado Del Fantasma” Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raul Mendoza in 13:40 to retain the NXT North American Championship and the NXT Tag Titles.

In the ring, Carter captured Wilde with a superkick when he leapt off the ropes. MSK performed a double team Blockbuster move on Mendoza, then Reed tagged in and performed a top rope splash for the win. Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li.

Mei Ying enjoyed the match from her chair on the phase. Li was dominant to start. She sent Martinez to ringside and followed. Li threw a kick that Martinez dodged, triggering Li to kick the ring post. Back inside the ring, Martinez carried out a butterfly suplex.

Martinez followed up with a splash in the corner that Li avoided.

The match was entertaining. Li carried out a pump-handle slam, then sold her leg from the ring post kick. Martinez put Li in crucifix slam position, but ended up spinning her over so that she landed face down when she slammed her.

Ted DiBiase made his entryway and was accompanied by 2 guard. Among the guards brought a clear case which contained the Million Dollar Championship belt. LA Knight and Cameron Grimes made their entryways. Grimes was cheered.

Xia Li defeated Mercedes Martinez in 7:40. Li charged Martinez, who backdropped her at ringside before rolling her back inside the ring. Martinez established for a move that Li prevented. Li pushed Martinez into the ropes and then blasted her with a spin kick and scored the pin.

After the match, Boa gave a chair to Li.

Martinez hit her with the chair to break the hold. Ying threw and reapplied the hold Martinez into the plexiglass barricade. Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight in a ladder match for the Million Dollar Championship. The case containing the Million Dollar Championship belt was raised above the ring.

Knight presented the first ladder a couple minutes into the match. A couple minutes later, both guys wound up with ladders and banged them together. Grimes climbed a ladder that was established at ringside and then leapt onto a lighting grid and dove onto Knight.

Grimes placed the gold ladder under the title case and climbed it, but Knight stopped him and went for a powerbomb over the ropes, which Grimes countered into a cumbersome huracanrana that sent Knight to the flooring. Knight took a look at fans in the front row and asked if they would like to meet Grimes, then he ran Grimes head into barrier. Knight ran Grimes into the main barrier while DiBiase was shown watching the match from a workplace chair next to the broadcast table with the two guard standing behind him.

After the match, DiBiase pulled the Million Dollar Championship out of the case and presented it to Knight.

There were sparkler design pyro boxes on the ring apron that were triggered. Johnny Gargano was revealed backstage prior to making his entrance. He walked before William Regal and security avoiding Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart from combating with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.

Gargano made his entrance followed in order by Kyle OReilly, Pete Dunne, Adam Cole, and Karrion Kross. Knight came back and stood up a ladder on the ramp and wedged another ladder in between it while propping up the 2nd ladder on the ropes. Grimes knocked Knight off the stage.

Knight concealed behind DiBiases security personnel and then struck Grimes with an inexpensive shot. Cameras cut backstage where producers and security were holding Karrion Kross and Pete Dunne apart. Ring announcer Alicia Taylor delivered in-ring intros for the title match.

Moon dropkicked Gonzalez right when the bell sounded to start the match.

Knight ran Grimes into the fenced plexiglass barrier, then slammed his head onto a ladder. There was an LA Knight chant and then other fans booed when Knight held up his arms. They showed off the new Hit Row tee shirt and hyped their brand-new song “Now You Know”.

Grimes rose once again and got his hands on the title case, however Knight pushed the ladder and returned over, triggering Grimes to fall onto the ladder on the ramp. Knight climbed the gold ladder and pulled the title case to win the match. Gonzalez held up Moon for a suplex, but Moon countered into a Stunner.

Moon followed up with a jaw jacker and after that went to the middle rope and hit a Codebreaker. Moon struck her Eclipse finisher and had the pin, however Kai positioned Gonzalez’s foot on the bottom rope. Pettengill spoke backstage about somebody taking his Walkman.

Pettengill then played the old Karate Fighters video game with Dexter Lumis.

Pettengill asked Lumis about Indi Hartwell. Lumis got pissed and managed Pettengill’s fighter. Pettengill told him that he won fair and square. A well worked match that also suffered a bit due to the outcome sensation highly predictable.

Still, the match and Gonzalez keeping the title is the best relocation. LA Knight defeated Cameron Grimes in 19:30 in a ladder match to win the Million Dollar Championship. Grimes followed up by back body dropping Knight onto a ladder that was leaning against the ropes.

Grimes tossed Knight onto the ladder that was placed over the ring and apron. Moon rallied and got the much better of Gonzalez at ringside. Gonzalez returned and set up for a one-armed powerbomb, however Moon countered into a pin for a near fall.

Gonzalez came right back with a near fall of her own.

Grimes brought the gold ladder to the ring and set it up under the title case. Grimes climbed up the ladder and then Knight came up the other side. Grimes knocked Knight off the ladder, but Knight rapidly pressed the ladder over.

Knight positioned a chair over the barricade and the ring. Grimes returned by suplexing Knight into a ladder that was established in a corner of the ring. Knight carried out a neckbreaker onto a ladder that was established on its side.

Knight came up wincing and holding his arm. Knight went to ringside and grabbed another ladder. In the ring, Moon jumped from the rope and carried out a DDT on Gonzalez that drove her onto the ramp. Moon brought the champ back inside the ring and covered her for a near fall.

Moon chose an Eclipse, however Gonzalez obstructed it.

Gonzalez carried out Snake Eyes and after that performed her one-armed powerbomb finisher and scored the pin. Shotzi Blackheart ran out and pushed Kai into the ringside barricade. Blackheart roughed up Kai and threw her onto the flowers that belonged to the stage set.

Blackheart chased after Kai into the backstage area. Great effort from both males. Grimes specifically took some big ladder bumps and truly made this work. While Knight had some fans cheering him, it sure looks like most of the fans have decided that Grimes is a babyface, and NXT imaginative appears to be right there with them.

Raquel Gonzalez beat Ember Moon in 12:40 to maintain the NXT Womens Championship. Karrion Kross vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle OReilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano in a five-way for the NXT Championship. The very first couple of minutes of the match usually featured several wrestlers offering at ringside while 2 or 3 wrestlers fought inside the ring.

With Kross in the ring, the other challengers pulled Cole to ringside and worked him over with punches.

Kross cleared the ring and then put Dunne in the Kross Jacket submission hold. Kross returned to the ring and put O’Reilly in his Kross Jacket submission hold and got the win when O’Reilly passed out. The 4 challengers squared off inside the ring and traded strikes.

Dunne and O’Reilly put Cole and Gargano in submission holds, then launched the holds all at once and fought one another. O’Reilly countered out of it, but Dunne used a triangle. O’Reilly got Cole and then performed a top rope knee drop on Kross and had him pinned, but Cole broke it up with a superkick.

Cole tossed a series of superkicks at his challengers. O’Reilly put Cole in a heel hook. Kross returned to the ring and was knocked down by numerous clotheslines from different challengers. Kross turned O’Reilly within out with a big clothesline.

Kross and Dunne traded suplexes.

Dunne struck the Bitter End and covered Kross, who tossed out at 2. Dunne chose a triangle and tossed elbows to the head of Kross. The other 3 challengers returned to the ring to separate the submission. Dunne stomped the hands of O’Reilly and Gargano and then kicked both men.

Karrion Kross defeated Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano in 26:15 in a five-way to keep the NXT Championship. Kross performed a double suplex on Dunne and Gargano to send them to ringside. Kross came back with a great takedown and went for a powerbomb, but O’Reilly slipped out and fired away with more strikes.

With Kross in the ring, the other challengers pulled Cole to ringside and worked him over with punches. Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell asked William Regal for his thoughts on the show. Regal said it has been seven years given that he ended up being the basic manager of NXT.

A dejected Regal said he believes it is time for a modification.

Kross picked up Dunne and knocked him onto O’Reilly and Gargano. Dunne and Gargano signed up with Kross on the phase and ended up shoving him through the front door of the stage set. Cole and Gargano ended up combating inside the ring.

Cole chose the Panama Sunrise, however Gargano stuffed it and countered into piledriver-style relocation for a near fall. Gargano performed a Poison Rana on Dunne that was preceded by a big boot from Cole. All 4 challengers were down inside the ring when a “this is incredible” chant broke out.

Kross returned to the ring and was knocked down by numerous clotheslines from various challengers. Dunne rolled into the ring and motioned for Kross to join him. Dunne went to the ropes for a move and leapt into a double superkick from Cole and Gargano.

Gargano used a double submission hold on Dunne and Gargano, but O’Reilly returned to break it up.

Later on, Kross returned from a break and hit a big F5 on Gargano and covered him for a near fall. Gargano returned and performed a suicide dive onto O’Reilly, who appeared to hit his head on the bottom of the broadcast table. Gargano followed up with dives onto Kross and Dunne.

Kross and Scarlett commemorated together while the broadcast group went through highlights. Dunne established for joint control on Cole, but Kross provided both men a double Saito Suplex. Kross cleared the ring and after that put Dunne in the Kross Jacket submission hold.

Dunne snapped Kross’ fingers to break the hold. Gargano got Dunne. Kross immediately put Gargano in his finisher. Gargano pushed off the ropes and into a pin for a two count. Kross preserved the hold, which Cole braked with a Last Shot.

A strong primary event with the anticipated result of Kross reviewing.

The centerpiece conserved the program to some level. It is not that it was a poor program, it is simply that it did not feel Takeover unique and the majority of the results felt predictable. The addition of more fans to the structure surprisingly did not add a lot to the event either.

O’Reilly put Gargano down with a brainbuster. O’Reilly increased top, however Cole pushed him off. Cole carried out a Panama Sunrise on Gargano and had him pinned, however Dunne pulled Cole to the flooring and offered him a brainbuster.

Kross got up. Dunne rolled into the ring and motioned for Kross to join him. The closing angle with Regal is a good little hook for Tuesday’s television program. Kross went for a suplex on Dunne, who landed on his feet. Cole and O’Reilly stood on the flooring and looked at one another, then teamed up for a double powerbomb of Kross onto the broadcast table.

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