Nicki Minaj and Husband Sued, Accused of Harassing Sexual Assault Victim

Ms. Hough has not worked since May of 2020 due to extreme depression, paranoia, consistent moving, harassment, and threats from the defendants and their associates. She is currently residing in seclusion out of worry of retaliation. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Hough was on her way to school on Sept. 16, 1994, when she faced Mr. Petty, a boy she understood from the area.

The lawsuit states that Mr. Petty held a knife at her back as he led her to a house around the corner, where Ms. Hough stated he raped her. The suit states that Ms. Hough got away, went to her high school and informed security personnel, who called the police. In an interview, Ms. Hough stated that as her case was prosecuted, she dealt with harassment and retaliation in the neighborhood, prompting her family to force her to attend a court hearing for Mr. Petty and demand that the charges be dropped, a demand that was rejected.

At the time, the suit says, Mr. Petty had actually already accepted a plea deal. Ms. Hough stated in an interview that she left New York City after the ordeal, and for many years, it remained in the past. She did not think it would be something that would come back and slap her in the face 20-something years later on.

The claim states that an intermediary provided Ms. Hough $20,000 in exchange for signing a ready statement recanting the accusation.

At one point last year, the suit says, Ms. Minaj called Ms. Hough, saying that she had heard Ms. Hough was prepared to “assist out”. Days later on, it says, Ms. Hough and her relative received an “assault of harassing calls and unsolicited sees” from people she believed to be connected with the couple. Ms. Hough stated in the interview that at one point she told the intermediary that the $500,000 deal was “not good enough”.

She said she had been attempting to deflect the conversation, not to reveal interest in a bribe. Tyrone Blackburn, a legal representative representing Ms. Hough, said Ms. Hough’s remark was an effort to deter the intermediary from believing she would accept anything. In reaction to threatening calls and her own growing fear, the suit states that Ms. Hough moved 3 times in one year.

A lady who implicated the rap artist Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, of sexual attack during high school filed a suit on Friday against the couple, alleging that they bugged and daunted her while attempting to persuade her to recant her account. The case goes back to 1994, when Jennifer Hough, then 16, reported to the cops that Mr. Petty, a 16-year-old she had known growing up in Jamaica, Queens, had actually raped her after leading her into a home at knife point. The claim states Mr. Petty was arrested that day and was charged with first-degree rape, and subsequently pleaded guilty to attempted rape, stated Kim Livingston, a spokesperson with the Queens district lawyers office.

Petty served about four and a half years in jail.

According to the suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Ms. Hough, 43, and her member of the family started to receive interactions from people declaring to be gotten in touch with Ms. Minaj and Mr. Petty quickly after Mr. Petty was jailed last year for failing to register as a sex transgressor in California. The suit declares harassment and witness intimidation, as well as deliberate infliction of psychological distress by Ms. Minaj and Mr. Petty, and looks for unspecified damages. It also alleges sexual assault and battery against Mr. Petty, describing the mid-90s case.

In 2018, Ms. Minaj, a chart-topping rapper with an increasingly loyal social media following, posted about her relationship with Mr. Petty on Instagram, and concerns about his status as a sex transgressor surfaced. Ms. Hough stated in an interview that she had spoken to YouTube bloggers to defend herself and respond to an Instagram comment from Ms. Minaj that stated that Ms. Hough and Mr. Petty had been in a relationship at the time of the assault which Mr. Petty was younger than Ms. Hough. They were never in a relationship, and they were the exact same age.

The lawsuit states there were then a series of encounters where Ms. Hough or her household members were offered inducements if she would recant: $500,000 at one point, $20,000 at another, with a proposed benefit that Ms. Minaj would send birthday videos to Ms. Hough’s daughter. Ms. Hough said she declined. Ms. Hough stated in the interview that she never ever expressed interest in an allurement and was adamantly versus recanting her story.

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