Morgan Wallen surprises Luke Bryan at first concert appearance since racial slur scandal

It was then that the embattled Morgan Wallen waltzed down the narrow catwalk and greeted his country buddies to a cheering sold-out audience as he distributed shot glasses. Wallen, 28, struck the stage at Luke Bryan’s show in Nashville, Tenn., on Friday night and joined Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Lines Tyler Hubbard and sang his records Whiskey Glasses and More Than My Hometown prior to hanging out on phase while Aldean belted She’s Country. Aldean told a perplexed Bryan onstage a really great pal of his is backstage.

Wallen made his first major show appearance since he was shot hurling the N-word back in February. He then played Hometown, presenting the record as a tune about remaining real to himself, including, it has been a really tough thing for him to do lately, however here he is. The occurrence in concern originated from a video taken by a next-door neighbor of his on Feb. 2 in which he is heard informing someone using the “N-word”, as he was being dropped off at his home.

Strahan pushed Wallen why he would feel it was an “proper” word to ever use, to which he admitted he was “just ignorant about it”. He maintained that he had “made some mistakes” in 2020 and called it a “tough year”, likely pointing to his public intoxication arrest in May and disorderly conduct charges in September. He was likewise scratched as a performer on Saturday Night Live after he was spotted partying at a bar without practicing social distancing simply days before his scheduled performance.

Wallen has actually felt a lot of love lately from many individuals he has not been familiar with yet, while thanking his fans who stood beside him.

Wallen knows his corner has not been the most popular one to stand in recently, but many did anyhow. He confessed he had been “partying all weekend” with some “long time friends”. He was around some of his buddies and they just state dumb stuff together.

It sounds ignorant but that is truly where it came from, and it is incorrect. Wallen was commonly condemned by several country artists, including Maren Morris and Mickey Guyton, after the video emerged. Asked by Strahan if he thinks there is a race issue in country music, he responded it would seem that way.

Wallen was been disallowed from going to the Billboard Music Awards regardless of earning six nominations. He went on to state he and his good friends “state dumb things together” and it is not a slur he utilizes regularly. It consequently resulted in his record label, Big Loud Records, suspending him and conglomerates like iHeartRadio pulling his music from their stations.

After the video of Wallen’s incident struck the web in February, he was sorry and ashamed.

Wallen utilized an unsuitable and inappropriate racial slur that he wished he could take back. There are no reasons to utilize this type of language, ever. In April, he took to social media to provide a handwritten apology to fans and revealed he would be taking a break from performing this summer.

Wallen went on to write that he always “aims to be much better” which his time far from the spotlight not just assisted him determine the methods he desires to enhance however also reminded him that he is still extremely pleased with who he is and the man he is ending up being.

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