Mila Kunis Is the Luckiest Girl Alive In Netflix Adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s 2015 Novel

Luckiest Girl Alive follows protagonist Ani Fanelli (Kunis), who appears from the outside to have everything: attractive publication task, best future husband, incredible New York home, in this case being Mila Kunis. As is the way with most secret novels, Ani survived a series of unspoken catastrophes in her past that, to conquer, she effectively transformed herself into a different person entirely. Only when a true criminal activity documentary probes “a destructive occurrence from her teenage years” while a trainee at the prestigious Bradley School is Ani required to consider the fact under her “meticulously-crafted life”.

All of which does not make her sound especially fortunate at all, however, the “alive” part is probably the most essential bit in this genre by far. Aside from 2020’s Four Good Days, Mila Kunis has actually taken a bit of a breather from acting over the last couple of years, that makes Netflix even luckier to track her down for their approaching film adjustment of author Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive, according to Variety. Knoll’s novel, her debut release, ended up being a New York Times best-seller upon its release in 2015.

The author will adapt the screenplay, as well as executive fruit and vegetables, with Mike Barker set to direct and Kunis’ Orchard Fam Productions to produce also.

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