Lindsay Lohan Asks TikTok User to Take Down Viral Cameo

Instead, the actor-entrepreneur provided Alana kind-hearted words of advice, “Hello there, Alana, it’s Lindsay Lohan. I know that you are about to take a really huge action in telling your parents who you really are and what you desire them to accept of you – and I believe you must do it yourself. I think that originating from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength.”

“And it’s important that you are who you really are, and that you like yourself which you can live by that and inform your parents that,” she had not made certain that she would publish the Cameo to TikTok if Lohan in fact had actually done what she’d asked, Alana said. She changed her mind when she got Lohan’s supportive words, “My preliminary response was, I understand there are many people out there who require to hear this message, who are likewise struggling whether to come out – whether to be true to themselves.”

“I didn’t think it was gonna blow up – whoever saw it, that sufficed for me,” well, Lohan did do a Cameo for Alana, but no – she didn’t think it would be right to come out for her. Yet blow up it did. Aside from the periodic comment that she ought to require a refund, the TikTok has garnered assistance for Alana – and like for Lohan.

“2 QUEENS. I am crying,” checked out one comment. “And they took it well,” she said. “That’s good – I’m feeling truly, truly relieved,” a representative for Lohan did not right away react when asked for comment.

An agent for Cameo informed Variety, “The user has a license to share the unedited video.” On Tuesday, Alana told Variety that she had actually gotten a message from the Lindsay Lohan Cameo account asking her to take the video down. A screenshot of the demand stated, “Hi!”

The protection, in truth, caused Alana to rush up and talk to her parents. In a subsequent TikTok Monday, she said she came out to them due to the fact that she “didn’t desire them to discover out on the web”. She scrolled through Cameo looking for the right individual – and saw Lohan.

“I had no concept she was on there,” Alana said. When Lohan sent out the Cameo, it came with a message that she might redo it, Alana said, if she wasn’t satisfied with it, “I ended up like messaging her and informing her, “No, thank you.'”

As for the cynics in the remarks stating that Lohan ought to have done what Alana originally requested, she disagrees, “I really am way more grateful that she sent that instead.” And so it remains up. Alana – who goes to UC Berkeley, is doing virtual school from her home in Southern California since of the coronavirus pandemic and asked that her surname not be utilized – said that the concept to ask a celebrity to come out to her parents for her “entered into my head arbitrarily”.

When it comes to Alana’s coming out – she said she recognizes as bisexual or queer – mission achieved. In the rush of promotion, she spoke with both of her parents independently on Monday, “It was definitely a little aggravating, a little psychological.”

She had not been sure that she would publish the Cameo to TikTok if Lohan really had actually done what she’d asked, Alana said. Last week, she published an update, saying she had not yet talked to them. “But hear me out,” she stated.

“What if I got Lindsay Lohan to inform my parents?” Lohan’s request aside, Alana plans to leave the TikTok up, and stated she’s “puzzled” about why Lohan would desire it eliminated. In the end, she got exactly what she desired out of the experience – even in a circuitous method.

The TikTok with Lohan’s sweet response went viral, with over half a million views and counting given that she posted it on Sunday. It’s been posted on Twitter. Quickly the press caught on too, with outlets like E! Online and People writing stories about Lohan’s motivation.

The coverage, in truth, caused Alana to hurry and speak with her parents.

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