Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Just Revealed Their Babys Name, And The Meaning Is Adorably Perfect

We enjoy a genuine family connection! But what makes it a lot more completely ideal is that in Arabic, “Khai” equates to “crowned”. And as any true Directioner understands, Zayn’s last name, Malik, suggests “King” in Arabic.

Essentially, their child’s name equates to “crowned King”. A family connection, an Arabic connection, and a royal meaning all rolled into ONE?! I d say Gigi and Zayn totally accomplished with this name. So lots of meanings rolled into one best name.

After 4 GRUELING months of waiting, Gigi Hadid FINALLY revealed her and Zayn’s daughters name, and in the most subtle way ever – by slipping it into her Instagram bio! OMG. Khai… I love it. Immediately, I was like, “What’s the meaning behind it?”

So my Google search began. According to an ever-in-the-know TMZ source, the name is a homage to Gigi’s paternal granny whose name was Khairia. Sending out love to infant Khai and her fam! We understand you’ll be simply as terrific as your name suggests, queen!

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