Disney Pulls ‘Jungle Cruise’ Into Weekend Port With $91.8M In Global B.O. & Disney+ Premier Spend

Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt kept its ship together at the domestic box office over the weekend, and in fact saw an uptick in Friday-to-Saturday grosses of +16% which puts the experience movie at $34.2 M, an opening that is not far from Johnson’s pre-pandemic occasion film Rampage ($35.7 M), and the biggest family film start during the pandemic to date. All in, add $27.6 M in abroad ticket office and $30M+ in Disney+ Premier international invest and Jungle Cruise counts a very first weekend’s worth of earnings of $91.8 M. Similar to Black Widow, the bulk of Disney+ Premier spend is originating from the U.S. market as it is more familiar with making purchases on the Disney+ streaming service, while offshore markets are still embracing.

In the face of a pandemic, Johnson and Blunt fearlessly appeared at the Disneyland best for the film and even took a surprise ride on the Jungle Cruise much to the delight of fans. Superfan channels on YouTube are likewise reposting cast junkets with a viral repost rate of 23:1 for the 5 owned trailers which exceeds the standard of 16:1 along with key efficiency signs which popped from the Disneyland premiere occasion last weekend. There are some market experts who claim that those sitting on the sofa to see Jungle Cruise were never ever going to head to the movies anyway, however there is a looming issue out there by the service that the casual moviegoer is revealing some doubt about returning to the movie theater.

There is no stress over avid moviegoers heading to the theaters at this point in time. Regardless of being taken legal action against by Scarlett Johansson over their shake-up of the distribution design on Black Widow, Disney is still unapologetic about sticking to a vibrant window on Jungle Cruise in the face of the delta variation. Disney’s defense for day-and-date remains families hesitation to venture out while the infection is still around, giving consumers the option of when and where to see the film.

While the overall weekend box office remains low with an approximated $73.2 M from all titles, though up 3% from last weekend, we will never understand what a full ticket office recovery looks like, even in the face of the pandemic, up until all this day-and-date experimenting stops.

Through last Sunday July 25, 2021, box office was running just 18% behind the Jan. 1-July 25, 2020 duration with $1.55 billion. Jungle Cruises Thursday night is ahead of Johnson’s 2018 Skyscraper which was not a high for him at the B.O. Stillwater will crack the leading 5 with a $1.84 M Friday and a $4.5 M approximated Friday-Sunday begin at 2,531.

Audiences were not wowed with a B- CinemaScore. Stillwater played best in the Midwest and South with five of its top ten runs originating from Oklahoma, which seldom pops at box office. Best numbers remained in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston.

On the other hand, a sign that the overseas markets still are not back for Jungle Cruise. Rampage published a $114.1 M a global B.O. first weekend. Disney’s 4th weekend of Black Widow is seeing around $6.1 M, -47%, after a $1.8 M Friday on its way to $166.7 M for No. 4.

Those audiences came out sturdily, which is promising for the weeks to come on the film.

Warner’s theatrical titles in the house are complimentary to HBO Max customers, whereas Disney+ subs have to pay an additional $29.99 to see Jungle Cruise. Comparing to another Disney household film that is on a vibrant window, Jungle Cruises Friday leads Cruella‘s first day of $7.7 M. That movie over three days of a four-day holiday weekend wound up at $21.5 M.

Should Jungle Cruise‘s Friday stay high, it will also best the first day for a Johnson picture since 2018’s Skyscraper, which went on to do $24.9 M that is without any competition from a home release. Johnson is always a pro in championing his movies, and he kept fans in the loop about starting the recent press tour back on July 15. Marketing reignited in May with a new trailer, poster, and announcement of double theatrical and Disney+ Premier Access release on July 30.

Green Knight turned up strong with $750K at 2,790 theaters. Green Knight has the finest reviews of the weekend for a broad entry at 91% fresh. Jungle Cruise is down to 63% fresh. Green Knight was formerly reported to do around $4M this weekend.

Jungle Cruise is looking to do $25M this weekend, with another $40M from global territories for $65M WW at box office.

Stillwater is taking a look at $1.4 M at 2,531 for a 3-day of $3.5 M, further down the charts. Many ticket office analysts did not see the Friday-to-Saturday 41% collapse of Black Widow coming. Disney has delivered the No. 1 family movie opening of the year and take excellent solace in that, one cannot compare the numbers to anything pre-pandemic.

With excellent word of mouth, and audience exits, Disney surpassed its own and industry expectations. Jungle Cruise was expected to open to $25M domestic. Typically these theatrical day-and-date at home releases tend to be frontloaded, so it will be intriguing to see if Disney’s Jungle Cruise goes off course tonight after posting a solid Friday of $13.378 M which has forecasts at a $32.5 M opening.

The finest markets for Jungle Cruise was the West, Midwest, and Southeast. At a time when numerous might be fretted that the delta variation is suppressing company, which many families are remaining home, Jungle Cruise‘s pure U.S. and domestic theatrical ticket sales reveal once again after Warner Bros’ Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s $31M opening. The demographic is prepared to go out.

Green Knight made $2.878 M the other day, which is higher than Midsommar‘s Friday of $2.2 M.

Snake Eyes at 2,348 theaters made $4M for a ten-day tally of $22.2 M. Black Widow in its third week, which did $17.44 M at 4,250.

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