Comedian Ted Alexandro Accuses SNL of Jacking His Zillow Joke – TMZ

“Dear @SNL, since you stole my Zillow joke last night please Venmo me the amount of 1 million dollars. My full unique Cut/Up is on youtube if you require more concepts,” Alexandro wrote. Ted added a mash-up of his original joke and the SNL parody, which have familiar styles and beats. The gist of the gag is that the older you get, the more certain aspects of the adult years start to interest you – perhaps even in a sexual sense.

SNL played up the entire “yeah sex is terrific” angle… and turned Zillow searching into a softcore fantasy pornography advertisement of sorts. Ted’s original performance of the Zillow phenomenon ain’t all that different – however he makes it more about how he and his better half “sext” each other… sending each other Zillow listings that are out of their cost range to make one another hot and bothered. They’re both funny… however Ted’s insisting he did it first, and appears to want either cash and/or credit.

It’s unclear when Ted initially performed his Zillow joke, but it appeared in a compilation video he launched with a lot of his stand-up shows called Ted Alexandro: CUT/UP… which got posted on YouTube in September. Looks like it may have appeared well prior to that. Difficult to tell simply how upset Ted really is – he gave SNL brass til kickoff to pay him his mil, and attached his Venmo deal with for good step.

Saturday Night Live hasn’t reacted. SNL has a brand-new sketch about how attractive Zillow listings truly are – now… they’re being implicated of ripping off the joke from a comedian. Ted Alexandro has been railing on the writers from Saturday Night Live all day Sunday, declaring their now-viral skit – which was all the rage Saturday – is really his own product… which he carried out live at the Comedy Cellar in none besides New York City.

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