Celebrities Chrissy Teigen has targeted online before getting canceled herself

Back in 2013, Farrah Abraham made headings after making a sex tape with pornography star James Deen prior to being spotted by paparazzi buying a pregnancy test. Her sex tape scandal was made fun of by Chrissy Teigen. Teigen took the opportunity to make fun of the former reality star Farrah Abraham, saying Abraham now believes she is pregnant from her sex tape.

Teigen also said that Abraham “lied” about the sex tape dripping and hired paparazzi to photo her picking up the test. Right now, Teigen is simply highly troubling to Abraham, 29. Abraham would absolutely take out the alcohol.

Teigen has likewise taken a swipe at other public figures outside of Hollywood, including previous Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Teigen apparently recommended Palin shoot shoot herself in the face. Teigen wrote she does not desire much from Sarah Palin, just desires her to confess partial fault, then shoot herself in the face.

As a single mom of four kids, Palin has actually raised them to be kind, humble, and non-judgmental.

That being said, Palin will not judge Teigen’s words towards others but she stands firm in one looking into oneself and continue to grow. Mariah Carey has been the subject of online trolling in the past, consisting of those from Teigen. When Carey announced her pregnancy with twins, Teigen took a swipe at the mom-to-be’s size.

Teigen made a comment about Carey’s size while pregnant. She does not understand why anybody is shocked that Carey is having twins as she was always pretty positive there were 2-15 children growing inside of Carey. Teigen took jabs at Quvenzhane Wallis when she was just 9 years of age.

Child actor Quvenzhané Wallis is amongst those to have actually been jabbed by Teigen. When Wallis was up for an Oscar at simply nine years of age, Teigen stated at the time she was forced to like Quvenzhané Wallis since she is a kid. Teigen likewise called the “Annie” star “arrogant”.

Courtney Stodden has accused Chrissy Teigen of previously telling them to “kill” themselves via Twitter.

Stodden was generally being mistreated, while Teigen asked forgiveness openly, neither Stodden nor her mom bought it. Stodden just recently calling out Teigen was the beginning of the attack of expositions of the star’s past habits. The 35-year-old cookbook author was just recently called out by Courtney Stodden for cyberbullying Stodden when the singer was just a teen, consisting of motivation of self-harm.

In March, the 26-year-old vocalist, who recognizes as non-binary, opened up about the online bullying they received from Teigen over the years in which the “Chrissy’s Court” star allegedly made repellent remarks to Stodden to “kill” themselves. After Teigen’s comments about Stodden resurfaced, the public became conscious of a previous tweet targeting Lindsay Lohan. When she sees another starlet, Teigen said that Lindsay Lohan devotes self-harm, saying Lohan includes a few more slits to her wrists when she sees Emma Stone.

Chrissy Teigen is understood for her sharp returns and direct criticism of simply about anyone who stands in her way, however now, she is facing criticism of her own. Teigen has seen swift backlash, not only from fans however as services begin to pull her Cravings products and company deals in various capacities. Being on the receiving end of a possible cancellation is new to Teigen.

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