Catch a Rare Three-Planet Conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn All Weekend

The meeting of the three planets really started last night, and is noticeable tonight, tomorrow (Sunday) night and Monday night. All of the world will emerge low in the west – near the sunset point on the horizon – with Jupiter being the brightest of the 3, followed by Mercury and then Saturn, according to EarthSky. The tightest grouping of the worlds will be tomorrow night.

If there are clear skies in your location, you need to be able to see the conjunction without field glasses – however if you happen to have them, you may also use them to get an even better view. The very best time to capture the conjunction is right after sunset – making it nice and early so the kids can get a peek before bedtime. And if you miss this three-planet combination, another one is showing up next month, including Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

As you might recall from seeing a news story about it every single day for 3 months, on December 21, 2020, we were dealt with to a once-in-800-years “Great Conjunction,” aka the “Christmas Star” aka the “Planets Kiss”. That a person only included 2 worlds (Jupiter and Saturn), although they were extremely close together. The one this weekend features those 2 planets – plus Mercury – although will not be as unusual as the one last month.

After spending the week glued to the TV and our devices, we might all utilize a break from screens. Luckily the night sky has an entire weekends worth of home entertainment lined up for us, in the form of an unusual three-planet combination featuring Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The last time this specific combination took place was in October 2015.

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