Capitol riot attendee argued she was allowed inside the building on January 6 because she looked up the hours online and it said it was open

Baez can not think the hypocrisy on the left from this. The only bad thing Trump supporters did, which she will call out, was break windows. Months later, she would parrot the exact same validation for her presence in the Capitol that day.

Around January 6, the FBI got a confidential tip pointing authorities to an Instagram user who posted videos of herself throughout the riot. The tipster identified the user as Baez and authorities validated her identity using her noted telephone number and California Department of Motor Vehicle records. The FBI was later on informed to another video published to Instagram of her being spoken with in front of what appeared to be the Capitol on January 6.

The video was captioned, “Girl is Looking for Proud Boy,” a seeming referral to the neo-fascist group whose members existed during the Capitol attack. A supposed Capitol riot participant, who district attorneys say boasted about Baez’s existence at the pro-Trump insurrection on social media, informed authorities that she had permission to be in the Capitol on January 6 since she had previously looked up the buildings operating hours to validate it was open so she might explore the site. Baez, a 27-year-old California woman, a trip to Washington, DC, in January to attend then-President Donald Trump’s rally and to look at medical schools.

Baez was jailed in connection to the riot on Friday in Alabama.

Baez documented her experience throughout the attack in substantial Instagram posts, applauding the “patriots” who “stormed” the Capitol and using to give an interview to a fellow Instagram user. A California female was apprehended and charged in connection to the Capitol riot on Friday in Alabama. Stephanie Baez boasted about her attendance on her Instagram throughout and after the insurrection.

Because Baez formerly confirmed online that the Capitol would be open, she informed authorities she was permitted to be in the building. Authorities confirmed she was inside the Capitol on January 6 by determining her in video footage and utilizing mobile phone GPS information to position her in the location. She published a photo of herself to Instagram on January 8 dressed in the same black t-shirt she was seen wearing in open source video footage from the day of the Capitol attack.

The t-shirt features a picture of author George Orwell and associates to him the quote “BOY DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?” Baez stated she believed that numerous individuals were not mindful that they were not supposed to be in the building and claimed she had authority to be inside the Capitol because she had previously confirmed it was open for trips. Prosecutors stated she also informed officials she had looked up the hours since it was “so close” to where Trump was speaking and she was “just taking a look at what else” was in the location to see.

During the interview, Baez identified herself in screenshots of video footage taken inside the Capitol on January 6.

Authorities likewise obtained a search warrant for Baez’s Instagram accounts, which exposed several messages verifying her presence at the insurrection. She was detained on 2 charges, including intentionally entering or remaining in any limited structure or grounds without legal authority and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. In April, officials interviewed her about her participation and she identified herself as the owner of the Instagram accounts in question.

Baez also stated “everyone was calm” and some individuals were “simply following groups”, and she thought it was “ridiculous” not to take that into consideration. She reportedly told authorities that she believed she might be inside the Capitol due to the fact that cops informed her so.

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