Bay Area rapper Zumbi dies at a Berkeley hospital

Berkeley police are examining the death of Bay Area rapper Stephen Gaines, who went by the phase name Baba Zumbi as part of the group Zion I, after a physical run-in at a medical facility. Gaines, 49, was a prolific hip-hop musician and MC whose loved ones members remembered him as an amazing person and an awesome dad to three boys. It was not instantly understood what triggered his death Friday early morning at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center on Ashby Avenue.

The situations that preceded the run-in were under investigation. Upon arrival, officers started handcuffing the included individual and determined that he needed instant medical assistance. Authorities started lifesaving procedures till Alta Bates staff were able to take control, however, unfortunately and sadly Gaines was pronounced deceased on the scene.

A friend, Jorge Guerrero, who goes by the stage name Deuce Eclipse, said Gaines sounded great when he consulted with him on the phone Thursday, delighted about future strategies. Fans and partners posted a stream of homages to Gaines, who launched his first album with DJ and producer Amp Live, called Mind over Matter in 2000, prior to pumping out a lot more popular jobs the next 20 years. Gaines made headings in 2016 for composing a song about gentrification in the Bay Area while he was being kicked out from his Oakland house.

Just a week before his death, Gaines finished a brand-new album and was preparing a Zion I reunion tour for this year.

Cops reacted to calls at 5:16 a.m. Friday from Alta Bates medical facility patients and staff about a patient included in a physical run-in with nurses and medical facility security officers. Friends said Gaines had asthma and was recovering from COVID-19. Gaines and a minimum of 30 other individuals had actually contracted the virus at his last performance, on July 24 in the Sierra foothills town of Nevada City.

Police Department homicide investigators are investigating. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office was informed and, throughout the initial investigation, determined no force was utilized by Berkeley policeman. The Alameda County Coroners Office said Gaines death was under examination by Berkeley cops.

Gaines’ household is in a deep state of grief and processing this loss. They are awaiting further details from the healthcare facility at this time so they can understand precisely what happened and identify their next steps. 4 good friends from the hip-hop scene who knew Gaines for years applauded his character and revealed shock over reports of a physical run-in.

Gaines was not a violent person, never sought violence, never ever excused violence, and is extremely firm in his beliefs.

Gaines loved his sons more than anything. He is an incredible person and a profoundly talented artist and performer and lyricist who was very thoughtful and cared not just for his immediate circle, however for strangers and fans alike. He is survived by his three children, his mother, and a sibling.

Gaines was a man of lots of skills and was blessed to be able to share his gifts and love of music, most importantly hip-hop, with the world. And even with his oversupply of talent, his true enthusiasm and purpose was the love and energy he put into his three kids. He is the guy you wanted your daughter to wed.

Gaines does not register for traditional media, particularly in regard to the current international pandemic, and was not an advocate of being vaccinated.

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