Ashley Judd recounts harrowing leg injury in African jungle – CNN

The Double Jeopardy star and activist spends much of each year in Africa and desired to use the interview to raise awareness of issues of hardship and animal security. Judd was there on a research study project on bonobos, a type of threatened primates. She acknowledged the “benefit” that enabled her to receive relatively quick treatment.

“Accidents take place – and there was a fallen tree on the path which I didn’t see and I had an extremely effective stride going and I just tipped over this tree. As I was breaking my leg, I knew it was being broken. We did that for six hours,” Judd told New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof on Friday.

It took an “exceptionally painful 55 hours” to get her from the jungle to an operating room in South Africa. She was stuck on the ground for 5 hours with a “badly misshapen leg”, biting a stick because of pain, and “wailing like a wild animal”. She was eventually taken to an injury system on a motorbike while holding the leading part of her damaged tibia together.

“I was at the edge of my very edge. Most of the people I understand would not have had access,” Judd admitted.

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