Armie Hammer’s Ex Just Did An Interview Where She Shared More Disturbing Details Of Their Relationship

“I would not inform anybody who did not believe it was incredible, I rationalized it with his reasoning people being a couple, to mask the reality – but I was entirely manipulated,” she included. “It’s embarrassing as it will haunt me forever. His actions and habits threaten and mentally and emotionally destructive.”

“He is saying individuals are kink-shaming him and should not comment on his sex life, but BDSM is a smoke screen for him wishing to harm women. You can be just as traumatized by consensual sex. I had to clean it and put a bandaid on afterwards,” Paige said Armie understood she was distressed about the wound.

“He knew I was distressed, but did not state sorry. The next day he even informed individuals about what he had actually done. I was upset, ashamed, and humiliated, however he firmly insisted, ‘You ought to be happy of it.'”

“He told me be happy as they were simply love bites,” Paige said. “It was like he in fact wanted to consume my flesh away. It’s inappropriate that he pushes females into accepting him injure them.” Armies attorney reacted to Paige’s interview in a statement to DailyMail, stating, “These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue.”

“Any interactions with this individual, or any partner of his, were entirely consensual because they were fully talked about, agreed upon, and mutually participatory,” given that these allegations have emerged, Armie’s ex Courtney Vucekovich – who dated Armie from June 2020 to October 2020 – has actually spoken out. “He stated to me he desires to break my rib and barbecue and consume it,” she informed Page Six.

“I want Armie to address his demons, see the pain and trauma that he has actually caused me and other females,” Paige stated. And now, Armie Hammer’s other ex, Paige Lorenze, has too. “I was his own real-life Christian Grey fantasy,” Paige stated.

Paige – who dated Armie for four months in late 2020 – stated that on the opening night they spent together, Armie had her watch the movie Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal, “He wanted me to associate with her emotional issues in the method she finds purpose in life through a dominant partner and BDSM. I will have laser treatment to get rid of the scar. This is not me kink-shaming – I want that to be clear.”

Let’s begin with the beginning. A little over a week ago, unverified screenshots of Armie Hammer speaking about being “100% a cannibal” were shared across social networks. The unverified messages – shared and enhanced by the account @houseofeffie – appear to show Armie speaking about troubling subjects, like cannibalism, drinking blood, and rough sex/rape dreams.

“He attempted to justify it as his gesture of his commitment to us being together for the long-term. I wasn’t sure he was serious, as he examined my body and said, ‘Where should I sculpt an A on you?’ Before I might process it, he plunged the tip of the knife into my flesh simply above my vagina.”

“He would love to do knife play, where he would wave the blade above me or glide it across my skin. He was consumed with it, and generally he did not cut me. Nevertheless, that night he decided he wished to brand me as his property and carve his name on my body.”

“The pain was agonizing, but I did not wish to appear weak, despite the discomfort. I froze as he smiled at his work. He then stated the cut was not deep enough, despite the fact that it was about an inch – the entire tip of the blade.”

Paige stated their nights together soon escalated to what he called “high procedure nights”, where they would engage in “darker” sexual experiences, “There were teeth marks and bite marks all over me. He was completely consumed with biting me.” On Friday, the 22-year-old design consulted with DailyMailTV and revealed more disturbing information about their relationship, which she explained as “a real-life 50 Shades Of Grey without the love”, “I had bad bruises all over me when we were together.”

“I was entrusted marks from him utilizing a paddle. He wanted to find a doctor in LA, so that he might get rid of one of my ribs, as you do not require it and then barbecue it and consume it while I enjoy,” she stated. “He said that more than once.”

“He said he wanted to gather a kitchen knife to make it bigger, however then as it bled, he began licking it. I was worried that the wound was going to get infected.”

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