Alec Baldwin suspects ‘politics’ at play in Springsteen DWI incident – Fox News

Actor Alec Baldwin suspects the rocker understood as The Boss may have been provided a summons for other factors. Baldwin pointed out no evidence for his suspicion – among numerous celebrity responses after the generally squeaky-clean Springsteen drew attention for his encounter with the law. Bruce Springsteen “smelt highly of alcohol” and “had glassy eyes” when he was implicated of driving drunk in 2015, according to a National forest Service ranger’s report.

“I question if Springsteen’s arrest [sic] had anything to do with his politics,” Baldwin composed on Twitter on Wednesday. Like Baldwin, Springsteen has long been related to liberal views and causes. However media reports of the stars DWI matter – following a bike trip to a national park in New Jersey in November – offered no indication that it was anything more than a case of a park ranger doing his task.

The ranger informed Springsteen that alcohol was restricted in the park, and the rocker said he had actually consumed 2 shots in the 20 minutes prior to his arrest. The park service said Springsteen was “cooperative throughout the procedure” after he was pulled over – though he at first declined to take a breath test, the Press reported. A source later told the newspaper that Springsteen’s blood-alcohol reading returned below the level that’s thought about illegal.

“Totally amazing,” Springsteen’s E Street bandmate, Stevie Van Zandt composed. Springsteen had actually stopped to present for pictures with fans when he was offered the shot of booze, the report said. News of Springsteens DWI incident surfaced nearly three months after it happened.

Jeep erased the advertisement from YouTube after news of Springsteens DWI charge. Springsteen, 71, was cited last Nov. 14 at the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, N.J., for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area, according to the National Park Service, the Asbury Park Press reported. Springsteen is expected to make a virtual court look in connection with no date however the case has actually yet been set, The Associated Press reported.

“They jailed Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey! This is Sacrilegious. Would you jail the Pope in Italy? Complimentary The Boss!” actor Michael Rapaport wrote. In the intervening weeks, Springsteen carried out outside the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 20 following President Joe Biden’s inauguration and appeared in a pre-recorded TELEVISION commercial for Jeep that aired throughout the CBS broadcast of the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Other celebrity reactions suggested there was assistance for Springsteen getting off scot-free for his alleged disobedience. If he were included in the case, former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara recommended he would not be able to stay neutral. An NPS ranger identified as R.L. Hayes reported seeing Springsteen conjecture of tequila and then get on what was referred to as a red and silver Triumph motorbike and start the engine, according to the paper.

“Yes I understand the Springsteen DWI issue. I’m obviously recused,” Bharara composed.

The Associated Press added to this story.

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