Addison Rae on Her Pop Reinvention and Debut Single ‘Obsessed’

The question is one Addison Rae has actually been considering. One might take it as being vainly obsessed with yourself, but that is not what she is attempting to interact. Dancers can feel something through the music when they are dancing.

No one has seen this side of Rae before. When she was young, she was constantly listening to music from the 90s and 2000s, so she was extremely influenced by that. Debut songs are the musical equivalent of an intro.

The fantastic ones – Baby One More Time, Royals, Crazy in Love – can put an artist’s full capacity on screen while foreshadowing all that is yet to come. These milestones often occur when the performer is entirely unidentified or launching a solo act, but what occurs when a star who is currently popular in one medium makes the jump into pop? A Gen-Z household name thanks to her enormous popularity on TikTok, Rae is best understood for her viral videos, but her most current project shows a new side of her skills.

Included in each part of the procedure, she has thrown herself into songwriting and recording.

Today’s launch of her first single, Obsessed, reintroduces Rae to the world as a musician, singing and dancing her way through an upbeat song committed to self-love. Rae’s foray into music might come as a surprise to some, however she has been hard at work on her new tracks considering that last year. From the start, Rae wanted to make sure that she was composing her own music.

Obsessed pulls from Rae’s experiences as a social networks star, utilizing word play to talk about the ins and outs of a relationship. It is more about Rae can enjoy herself as much as the other loves her, and that is important.

There are days where she has a hard time, and it is certainly a work in development to accept who she is and provide herself the love she is worthy of. That message was so strong, and she desired to communicate it in the lyrics.

The tracks self-affirming nature is intentional.

Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, who fill their songs with relatable themes, Rae wanted her music to have heart. She wished to discover who she was as an artist before she put something out into the world. A dancer since childhood, Rae wanted the choreography to be as meaningful as the song’s message.

Sexy however playful, the 4 looks each come with its own style message. The retro feel pays tribute to some of the entertainers Rae grew up listening to and her mom’s personal playlist. Beyoncé, J.Lo, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, there are so many artists and songwriters who motivate her.

Rae hopes that her contributions to music can have a similarly evocative effect – specifically once she can carry out live. Getting on stage is such a huge part of being an artist. It is going to be interesting to share something she has loved her whole life with the world and ideally surprise individuals who did not realize this belonged of who she is.

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